High-performance tape light for indoor applications. Up to 422+ lumen per foot with 90+ CRI and a 6-year warranty.
A uniformed Dot-Free line of light without the need for additional diffused covers. 90+ CRI and a 6-year warranty.
Phase Cut Dimmable Drivers
EnoLED phase cut dimmable LED drivers offer superior dimming performance and seamless integration with various dimming options. Installers prefer them for their UL Class 2 certification and compact size, making them the top choice for LED strip installations.
0-10V Dimmable Drivers
Introducing ultra-compact 0-10V dimmable drivers equipped with integrated junction boxes. Engineered with state-of-the-art technology, these drivers operate efficiently while maintaining cool temperatures, making them an ideal power source for any 24VDC LED Tape applications.


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